Category: Selling A Home

February 11, 2019

Your Home Didn’t Sell?

This is the first of a series of possible reasons Why Nobody Wants Your Home.

1. You overpriced it – This is most often the main issue. You want to walk away with the most money when you sell your property – as well you should. But you need to ask yourself “Is my property positioned to sell for top dollar?” If you are selling with a real estate professional, you presumably asked their opinion of the expected sales price when you listed your property. Did you listen to their advice or did you stubbornly insist that your home is worth more?

If your real estate agent proposed the price, and it is still not selling, ask around for more perspectives and opinions from other reputable agents familiar with your market area. Look up comparable properties on Zillow or Trulia and get a sense of the local market for yourself.

There are several solutions. Aside from lowering the price, you could offer a conditional discount if the buyer can close by a certain date or offer to cover the buyer’s closing costs on a similar conditional timeframe. Discuss other possible incentives with your real estate professional. Lastly, you could pull your home off the market for a week or two while you address some other possible issues which we will discuss later.